Our History

About us

Since 2009, Ben & Florentine restaurants have grown and positioned themselves as leaders in the Quebec breakfast and brunch market.

The quality of our potatoes, our famous old-fashioned frying pans, or our must-have avocado toast are testament to all our years of innovation!

Some highlights from our history

  • 2009 Opening of our first branch, in Vaudreuil-Dorion.
  • 2012 Opening in Oakville, Ontario.
  • 2013 Opening in Mauricie, the 25th restaurant.
  • 2016 Opening in Winnipeg, the 38th restaurant.
  • 2017 Ben & Florentine mobile, our street food truck.
  • 2019 10th Anniversary Celebration.

The history of our famous potatoes.

Ben & Florentine’s famous potatoes have become our signature. Perfectly seasoned, our diced potatoes are a sunny addition to any dish. The care we take in preparing them reflects our commitment to flavor and quality.

Drawing their unique flavour from the rich red soils of Prince Edward Island, our renowned varieties like Russet Burbank and Sheapody have a crisp exterior while the interior is soft and chewy, like a baked potato. They are a great accompaniment to any dish!