When your job allows you to enjoy life to the fullest

Thanks to flexible working hours (which never finish later than 3 p.m.!), a job at Ben & Flo allows you to take the time to cultivate your passion at work and in your personal life. Welcome to a workplace that lets you enjoy life to its fullest.

Do you share our values?


We know the power of the perfect combo. Working as part of a fun team makes all the difference, and everyone helps each other when there’s a lot of work to do.

The passion

At Ben & Flo, we can have it all: we celebrate our passions, both on and off the job.


Although we’re familiar with our customers’ usual orders, we’re not satisfied with a day-to-day routine. Because we’re all unique, each day is different from the last, yet just as exciting.

The pleasure

Fun is part of our DNA.

At Ben & Flo, we like our mornings like we like our fruit: vibrant, sunny and energizing.

We celebrate everything that energizes us from morning to noon & from noon to night.

Meet an awesome team

Whether you’re with us full-time or part-time, we promise you dynamic and stimulating days, from quiet lunch to Sunday rushes!

With Damien

With Paméla

With Jeanne

A work environment that maximizes fun


Un horaire flexible qui s’adapte à ton rythme de vie.


Le programme de référencement +1 t’encourages à introduire tes amis au boulot Ben & Flo en t’offrant des récompenses pour chaque référence engagée. Disponible dans quelques restaurants.


Un salaire compétitif dans le domaine de la restauration de déjeuner.

We asked our current employees to convince you to work with us

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