Alcoholic Beverages*

Discover our delicious cocktails, coffees and hot chocolate featuring Quebec spirits!

* At participating restaurants.

Maple Amaretto Sour

Artist in Residence Amaretto, maple syrup, apple & lemon juices topped with a sugared rim

Bloody Caesar

Artist in Residence Vodka or gin, Clamato juice, Worcestershire sauce and hot sauce topped with a slice of bacon and a rim of B&F spices

Espresso Martini

Artist in Residence Vodka, Artist in Residence coffee liquor and espresso

Classic maple coffee

Spell, coffee and whipped cream

Amandine coffee

Barista Liqueur, Amaretto Artist in Residence, coffee and vanilla

Smore’s Hot Chocolate

Sortilège, Barista liqueur, hot chocolate, marshmallows and hazelnut chocolate

Iced coffee

Spell, milk, vanilla, espresso and cinnamon

Mimosa The Original

Prosecco le Fiol and orange juice

Mimosa Cranberry & Grapefruit

Prosecco le Fiol, a blend of cranberry and grapefruit juice

Glazed Bellini

Prosecco le Fiol, peaches, honey and orange juice


A mix of fruit and vanilla yogurt.


Watermelon, strawberries, honey and cranberry juice


Strawberries, bananas, mangoes and pineapple juice.


Blueberries, strawberries, bananas and pineapple juice.

Ruby Red

Raspberries, strawberries and cranberry juice.


Mangoes, peaches and pineapple juice.

Healthy Green

Spinach, apple, mango, chia seeds and pineapple juice

Specialty Coffees

Regular or decaffeinated.

Iced coffee


Almond Milk
S’Mores Hot Chocolate
Deluxe Hot Chocolate
Chocolate Milk
Mineral Water
Spring water
Soft drinks
Vegetable Cocktail
Fruit juice

Eggs & Omelets

Discover our classics and soon-to-be classics.


Lunch Menu

Discover our super delicious lunch menu.

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