The kitchen

Are you the most popular person in a potluck? Then the kitchen is the place for you! Come and improve your culinary skills by cooking all the essentials for a successful brunch.

Hey, I’m Damien, I have 12 years of experience in the kitchen and I’ve been working part-time at Ben & Flo for the past 3 years.

Wondering what my day looks like? Take a look at one of my typical days as a cook.


Waking up to the sun is one of my great pleasures. I feel as if the whole day belongs to me.


Half an hour to go before the restaurant opens. My fruit are already cut and my stations are washed. I’m ready for the Sunday rush.


The new limited-edition menu is extremely popular today! It motivates me to learn new recipes: no two mornings are alike!


Behind the stove, it’s like a dance you know by heart. The complicity I’ve built up with my colleagues is irreplaceable.


Already finished! I leave knowing that the brunch community had a great time.


I’m already at the municipal pool! A little workout to finish… or rather continue my day!

Looking for a stimulating way to earn a living?

We’re recruiting across Quebec and Canada.


It depends on the position. We’ll provide training for each workstation. Once you’re comfortable with one station, we’ll teach you how to perform at another, until all our breakfasts hold no secrets for you!

Your work schedule may vary from week to week, because we value balance. We like to be flexible!

It’s up to each franchise, so we invite you to apply at the restaurant of your choice to discuss it with the owner.

Salary may vary according to your position and experience. We invite you to apply to discuss it directly with the franchisee.

It’s up to you to decide how many hours you’d like to work! A full-time job implies a schedule of about 37 hours.


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