The Service

Are teamwork and memory games your thing? In a service position, you can experience your social paradise by meeting lots of people who’ll be delighted to see you arrive with their dishes.

Hey, I’m Paméla, I have 2 years of service experience and I’ve been working part-time at Ben & Flo for 9 months.

Wondering what my day looks like? Take a look at one of my typical days as a waiter.


I never expected to become an early bird, but now I wake up all the time 5 minutes before my alarm! The future belongs to the early risers, right?


I can’t wait, I’m working with my two besties, Justine and Yaël!


I love meeting up with my regulars! Even if I know what they usually order, I always try to offer them something different. A little extra or two is always fun!


It’s so busy. Coffees, orders, fooling around in the kitchen, serving our gourmet customers… And here we go again! I love this kind of rush.


It’s over already! I’ll be leaving with plenty of tips to buy myself something to drink in the park with my friends.


I’m already with my gang. It’s so sick to be able to enjoy the rest of my day!

Looking for a stimulating way to earn a living?

We’re recruiting across Quebec and Canada.


It all depends on the position. Normally, the entry-level position is hostess, which allows you to familiarize yourself with the customers and the environment. But don’t worry, we’re here to help and guide you.

Your work schedule may vary from week to week, because we value balance. We like to be flexible!

It’s up to each franchise, so we invite you to apply at the restaurant of your choice to discuss it with the owner.

Salary may vary according to your position and experience. We invite you to apply to discuss it directly with the franchisee.

It’s up to you to decide how many hours you’d like to work! A full-time job implies a schedule of about 37 hours.

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